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to offer degrees in○ game design, and it〓 added an e-sp●orts-dedicated ◆subject, digit●al media art, last● year aimed at fu〓rther

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nd ◆training. It als●o


developing g◆aming management a〓nd design tal〓ent.The Shang●hai Theater Academy●, meanwhile, is o◆ffering an e-○sports comm■entating course.■ Forty students ●signed up for〓 its launch in ◆the fall.A◆mong all t〓he universi●ties offering e-s●ports classes, P○eking Univers●ity has received th●e most attention●.Chen Jiang, asso■ciate professor at P●eking University&r

said 85 per○


sq○uo;s School of El●ectronics E○ngineering ●and Computer Scienc〓e, started an e-○sports class〓 in the sprin◆g semester th〓at proved extremely◆ popular.&ldqu■o;The class was o■riginally des■igned for 12■0 students, but abo〓ut 160 showe■d up on the 〓first day,&rdquo●; Chen said. &ld●quo;The


Interface development
cent of positions■ in the ind●ustry were ◆understaffed.


students a◆sked me to brin■g more people into t〓he class and○ change to a bigger〓 classroom, which 〓I did. Two weeks lat■er, there w○ere about 200 stude●nts.”Chen sai●d the cour◆se was not ●a gaming trainin

◆g camp, but◆ included in●-depth study of

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Fou●rteen years ago, Co■mmunicatio●n Universit●y of Ch


th○e gaming indust●ry, technic〓al designs an○d user exp〓erience.&ldqu●o;When I p●repared the◆ class bef〓ore the sem◆ester, I d●id a lot of researc●h on how fore〓ign univers○ities have in〓corporated e-sports■

courses,&r○dquo; Chen sa◆id.“A t●y

Interface development
ina became on■e of the first coll■eges in the country 〓


pical example is t○he University o●f Southern Ca○lifornia, o●ne of the best〓 universities● in the Unit〓ed States. S○tudents ther○e can earn aroun◆d 14 acade◆mic degrees a〓t different levels○ associate■d with ga

me○s and e-spo〓rts, including● game desig

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